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Jesse has finished the radio release schedule for his current album. He has one more song on "Real Simple Country" that will be released digitally in January, and he is producing his new album with Radney Foster in Nashville now, preparing for 2024-2025.


As an update, here are some Jesse highlights.


1 Gold Record for "Dance Her Home" as a co-writer.

10 Texas Regional Radio Number 1's, including 9 in a row, after "Dance Her Home" as a co-writer.

18,000+ Facebook followers

25,000+ Spotify Listeners


Jesse Raub Jr. is a true embodiment of the spirit of Texas Country, ready to bring the honky-tonks to life with his electrifying performances. Jesse spent the first part of the year on the road rocking sold-out arenas, with Cody Johnson, leaving audiences yearning for more.

Jesse Raub Jr. and the Known Associates, have recently released "Sittin on a Porch" to Texas radio after the massive success of "Loving All Night" and "Working Man's Woman," from the eagerly anticipated studio album, "Real Simple Country."

A workingman's storyteller on the rise, Jesse Raub Jr. infuses traditional Texas Country sounds with Southern Truth, reminiscent of greats like Waylon and Kristofferson. He weaves the rocking '90s vibes of Hank and Garth into every high-energy show, keeping the crowd on their feet and moving. 


As Jesse puts it, "I work for Jesus and play for Freedom."

Jesse's journey has been a long and fulfilling one, sharing the stage with some of Texas's biggest country stars, including Lee Ann Womack, Cody Johnson, Mark Chesnutt, and many more.

Hailing from Magnolia, Texas, Jesse Raub Jr. is a true blue-collar Texan with deep working-class roots. His love for family, friends, and growing up in the heart of Texas Country shines through in his music. For the past decade, he's been the frontman of his band, crisscrossing the Lone Star State and the US, captivating audiences with his unique voice and country authenticity.

Jesse's songwriting talents have shone on Cody Johnson's critically acclaimed 2011 album "A Different Day," where he co-wrote the hit "The Way She Loves Me." In 2014, he celebrated his first #1 on Texas Radio as a co-writer on Johnson's "Dance Her Home," and he achieved his first Gold Record for the same song.


His  albums, "Blame It On The Music," "Sittin' Here," and "Real Simple Country," have all garnered critical acclaim and multiple #1 hits.


Jesse has established himself as a force in Texas Country music with a string of hit singles charting on the Texas Music Chart and the Texas Radio Report. Jesse has had fourteen(14) of his own chart in the top 50 of the Texas Music Chart and the Texas Radio Report: Including 9 straight #1's starting with 2017's #1 "She'll Put The Hurt On You", 2018's #1 "Mistakes", and #1 "Sittin' Here" 2019's #1 "Touch the Water", 2020 #1 singles "Good Times" and "I'd Look Good On You' 2021's #1 "Things I Shouldn't Have" and 2022's #1 "Working Man's Woman" and 2023's #1"Loving All Night" from the soon to be released studio Album "Real Simple Country" and have earned him a dedicated fan base.


Following the success of 2023 #1's "Working Man's Woman",  and"Loving All Night", "Sittin on a Porch" is now topping the charts. 


With his talent, unparalleled work ethic, and a sound that defines the heart of Texas Country, Jesse Raub Jr. is a rising star on the country music horizon, and his journey is one that promises to keep audiences dancing and singing along.



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