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Who is ready for the Dancehalls and Honky Tonks?.. We are! 

Jesse Raub Jr. and the Known Associates are releasing "Loving All Night" following "Working Man's Woman"-- the Third #1 single from forthcoming studio Album "Real Simple Country". 

Jesse Raub Jr - A workingman's storyteller and a star rising! Rocking the traditional Texas Country sounds and merging them with Southern Truth. Somewhere between Jon Pardi and Luke Combs, mixing the rocking 90's sounds of Hank and Garth to create an entertaining high energy show every night. Jesse delivers an event that keeps the crowd on their feet and moving. 


“I work for Jesus and play for Freedom..”-Jesse Raub Jr

Yeah, it's been a long road already, from the Deep Piney Woods of Texas to the Mother Church and back.

Jesse has enjoyed the opportunity to share the Road and stage with some of Texas’s biggest country stars like Lee Ann Womack, Cody Johnson, Mark Chesnutt, and many more than He can list.

A blue collar Texan born in Houston, Texas and hailing from Magnolia, Texas. Jesse's country working class roots help him capture his love for family, friends and growing up Country with them.  As the frontman of his own band, Jesse has spent the last 10 years traveling throughout the great state of Texas.  His unique voice and country TRUTH continue to captivate his audiences. 

Jesse appeared on Cody Johnson’s 2011 critically acclaimed album “A Different Day” as a co-writer for the hit “The Way She Loves Me.” In 2014, he scored his first #1 on Texas Radio as a co-writer on Johnson’s “Dance Her Home”. He scored his First GOld Record as co-writer on Johnson’s “Dance Her Home”


He has also had ten(10) recordings of his own chart in the top 50 of the Texas Music Chart and the Texas Radio Report: “Blame It On The Music”, “Bad Intentions”, "Good Man Go Wrong", "Plead the Fifth", "She Can Forgive" and 2017's #1 "She'll Put The Hurt On You", 2018's #1 "Mistakes", and #1 "Sittin' Here" 2019's #1 "Touch the Water", 2020 #1 singles "Good Times" and "I'd Look Good On You' and 2022 #1 "Working Man's Woman" from the soon to be released studio Album "Real Simple Country" .

Jesse released 2013's Blame It On The Music, gaining fans and friends in the right places.  Sittin' Here was released in 2016 and has delivered 4 Texas Regional Radio #1's and a signature song "Touch the Water" released in January of 2019 and two more #1's in 2020. 

In 2014, he scored his first #1 on Texas Radio as a co-writer on CODY Johnson’s “Dance Her Home”. He has a sting of six #1 recordings of his own chart in the Texas Regional Radio: 2017's #1 "She'll Put The Hurt On You", 2018's #1 "Mistakes", and #1 "Sittin' Here", 2019's #1 "Touch the Water" and the 2020 #1 singles "Good Times"  and  "I'd Look Good On You" from the soon to be released Studio EP "Real Simple Country Vol. 1".

Following up #1 single, “Good Times”, and "I'd Look Good On YOU" Penned by multiple country music hitmakers, Jesse Raub Jr., Triston Marez, Jake Worthington, and Aaron Copeland, Jesse Raub Jr. released his latest #1 single, "Working man's Woman" and "Loving All NIght". 



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